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About Us

Metro Exodus, LLC is a real estate investment firm specializing in rural properties in the southeast Tennessee region. We named our firm "Metro Exodus" because we ourselves left the big cities of southern California fifteen years ago for the good life here in the mountains of Tennessee, and recognized many others were wanting to do the same.

We are empathetic towards those who crave simplification in their lives, and assisting them with the decisions that need to be made to make such a change is fulfilling. Mostly, folks who come here are surprised at the relative freedom they have when they purchase a piece of property in a rural community. Being unshackled from the burdens of local government, oppressive taxes, traffic, and constant regulation of your every doing is daunting at first, but then quite liberating.

We truly enjoy being a part of positive events in peoples lives, and have made great friends with our clients.

Call me directly, if you want to talk about moving to the country.
Alfred Crabtree - 423-902-2876 (cell)

Alfred Crabtree
founder, Metro Exodus, LLC

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